Sell Us Your Cards


Needing to clear out some old TCG cards and you like our prices? Well then, come and sell to us and we will try to give you the best deal that we can!


Selling Cards to Graveborn Games

1. :To begin selling your singles to us, you must be signed into our website.

2. Click the above "Sell Cards Here" to start.

3. : Be sure you click on store credit or cash, depending on what you need.

4.  : Use the search function for the cards you wish to offload to us.

5. : Once you finish adding all the items to the buylist, click on "Submit".

6. :  When our team reviews your list, we will submit you a verification e-mail to confirm the list.

7. : Afterwards, please either drop them off to a local representative of ours, or send to our address carefully packaged up.

Graveborn Games

2901 Vistas Dr Apt. 409, Fort Worth, Texas 76135

We hope to see you around and have a wonderful day!